Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors (DVD)

Index Funds: The 12-Step Recovery Program for Active Investors (DVD)

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In just 72 minutes, this award-winning film systematically debunks the myth that investors can beat the market by picking stocks, timing markets, or by hiring a high-priced commissioned broker or advisor to actively manage their money.

Based on Mark Hebner's highly acclaimed Index Funds book, this film advances Hebner's mission to change the way the world invests by replacing speculation with an education. This film summarizes stock market history dating back to 1928, the findings of Nobel Prize winners, and the analysis of active manager performance over the last decades. You'll learn a better way to manage your money.

Featuring Mark Hebner and Robin Powell, the documentary provides a comprehensive analysis of what works in investing and what doesn't. It cuts through Wall Street hype, including slick sales pitches and fear tactics that make investors feel the need to trade. It reveals the pitfalls of active investing and the overwhelming evidence as to why index funds are the superior investment option and how they're an excellent way for investors to maximize their expected returns at a given level of risk. Once investors understand the concepts, they can invest and relax.

Brian Schroeder (Investment Change Evaluations, LLC) says of the film, For the novice or seasoned expert, this movie is fantastic. The substance, quality, editing, artwork, and Mark are all woven together to tell a compelling story. Big Bang Theory Executive Producer Dave Goetsch says, Great, great job on this documentary. This film has a really fun tone while maintaining a strong point of view. Keep up the great work! The book on which the film is based is the treatment of choice for wayward investors. It has been praised by John Bogle, Burton Malkiel, David Booth, and Nobel Laureates Harry Markowitz and Paul Samuelson. Anders Oldenger of Seligson & Company nominated it as one of the three "All-Time Greatest Investment Books," along with the writings of John Bogle and Warren Buffett.